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About Dr. Patria

Spinal Manipulation: The mainstay of Dr. Patria's treatment protocols include the use of traditional chiropractic manipulation. Dr. Patria is also trained and proficient in the use of low force, gentle manipulation techniques, drop table techniques and activator adjustment mallet techniques. Most patients can expect that some soft tissue work or muscle work to be incorporated into their treatment.

Spinal Adjustment Techniques used include: Diversified, Cox, Gonstead, Logan. Some SOT, Thompson and Activator are incorporated into treatment.

Flexion Distraction: Disc injuries, low back conditions and sciatic problems are frequently treated on a "Flexion/Distraction" treatment table, in which the spine is gently stretched to relieve pressure from discs, nerves and joints in the lower back.

Decompression/Traction: A mechanical intermittent traction unit is frequently used in spinal stenosis, disc displacement and disc degeneration treatment plans.

Ultrasound Treatment: Painless ultrasound treatment is frequently used in the treatment of many sports, overuse and work related extremity injuries.

Therapy Modalities: Moist heat and electric muscle stimulation are frequently employed to release spasm or relax tight muscles. Interferential Stimulation, Russian Stimulation, Microcurrent and other protocols are available.